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Lappi - Lapland

Lapland is Finland's (and EU's) northernmost province, while also being Finland's biggest province. Its area covers about 30 percent of Finland's land area. That makes it bigger than Benelux-countries together. The province's eastern border is also part of the EU - Russia border. In the north it is bordered by Norway and in the west by Sweden. Comprehensive road and rail network, and daily flight connections ensure good access.

RuskaLapland's commerce is strongly based on the province's own resources: clean nature and variable natural resources in addition to attractive environment and culture. Internationally acclaimed forest industry products, growing steel industry, breweries, and Europe's only snow mobile factory are examples of industry's success in Lapland.

Tourism in Lapland

Tourism is one of Lapland's most important businesses. Read more about tourism in Lapland


Lapland's summer is famous for its nightless nights. At that time the sun shines from early morning all the way until late evening. To balance this, Lapland's winter is long, cold, and dark. In Lapland you can admire the beautiful fell landscape and the untouched wilderness.

Furthermore, clean, aroma-rich food products: reindeer meat and wild berries are sought-after products also outside Finland's borders.

Lapland as an area offers unique experiences and thrills, and is therefore a popular destination for travellers, campers, and fishers.

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